La Maison de la Photographie

Agenda 2016


Gnawa: 7 colors of Jean-Luc Manaud (Festival Gnawa d Essaouira)

11 May - 23 July 2016

Journey to the heart of the Gnawa brotherhoods and Aïssawa 1995

Exhibition at the French Institute of Essaouira from May 12 to July 23, 2016

In the spring and summer of 1995 in Marrakech, Meknes, Moulay Brahim and Tamesloht, the writer filmmaker Pierre Guicheney, the ethnologist Viviana Pâques and the photographer Jean-Luc Manaud realized for Geo Magazine a report on Gnawa and... Lire la suite


Multiple Morocco, land of sharing (Biennale of Marrakech)

24 février - 08 mai 2016


In 2014, in partnership with the festival of Arles - Les Baux de Provence, we organized the exhibition ''Multiple Morocco, land of sharing''. highlight of this exhibition, the projection 40 Moroccan portraits in  les Carrières de Lumière aux Baux de Provence. The same exhibition is installed... Lire la suite

La palmeraie de Marrakech

Jeudi 28 avril 2016

La palmeraie

Le Kittab al-Istibsar , au 12ème siècle, décrit «Marrakech est la ville du Maghreb où l’on trouve le plus de jardins et de vergers, où l’on trouve le plus de raisins, de fruits et d’arbres fruitiers de toutes sortes… C’est l’olivier qui y domine principalement ».

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The Night of Photography (Biennale 2016)

5 march 2016

turday 5th march 2016 at 8:30pm)

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Alliance Photo, the journey to Morocco, 1936

january 2016 - september 2016

“A sweet air of freedom”

In 1935, a group of young photographers from France came on holidays to Morocco: Pierre Verger, Denise Bellon, René Zuber, Pierre Boucher. They were members of a group called Alliance Photo, the most important photo agency in France, who inspired later the creation of Magnum.  Pierre Verger, was part of the group too: he came one year before, after long trips... Lire la suite

Al halqa, human treasures of Jemaa el Fna

10 december 2015 - may 1st 2016

Dar Belarj (10 decembre - may 1st 2016)

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Morocco, the eternal and the ephemeral

january - june 2016

In keeping with our historical approach, the exhibition «Morocco, the eternal and the ephemeral», maintains a chronological presention and shows original prints.
The 19th century, with beautiful original photographs by James Valentine rare portraits and urban scenes of Tangier. The early 20th century, with photographs of Felix and Flandrin. For the first time in Morocco, we present the photographers... Lire la suite

Medersas of Morocco

18 december 2015 - 30 april 2016

Medersa Ben Youssef - Marrakech.

L’exposition présentée à l’occasion du 30ième anniversaire de l’inscription de Marrakech au patrimoine de l’Unesco, dans les murs de la médersa Ben Youssef, présente un ensemble de tirages photographiques sur la médersa de Marrakech et sur d’autres médersas marocaines.
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